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Case Studies

We put a lot of effort into bringing our client’s ideas to life.

Their work matters to us. Check out what we have to offer. 

Rebranding and Website Redesign

Rebranding Nunez Dental

The challenge was to help Nunez Dental become the brand it deserves and increase brand recognition via website and online platforms, especially instagram.

SteveLucin.com_MockUp_Project_Website v2.png

Website Redesign

Redesigning BRC's Website

BRC hadn't redesigned their website since 2016! They wanted to make their site modern and user-friendly while still maintaining true to their brand. 

Web and Printed Annual Report

Annual Reports That Engage

Check out how we updated Covenant House's Annual Report presentation. 

A more engaging presentation was possible by combining a sleek design with smooth animations. 

CD_MathBenefit_DesktopMockup_V1 (1).jpg

Virtual Event

$108,000 Raised for NYC Middle School Students

The virtual benefit included pre-recorded material from the director, tutors, students, and even a special appearance from Danica McKellar.

Virtual Event

How To Successfully Livestream For Your Lawyers Association

How do you award exemplary members of your organization when your in-person award ceremony gets cancelled due to COVID?


Virtual Event

Canceled to $1 Million 
Virtual Gala

We helped BRC Live Stream their fundraiser, making their first virtual gala a huge success and continue to fundraise in order to help the community that they serve. 

Virtual Event

A Virtual Graduation That Does Not Suck

La Vida Scholars wanted to do something special for the students as their graduation date approached although public were events were canceled due to Covid. 

ChildCenterNYGala_desktop_mockup_of_livestream_v02 (1).jpg

Virtual Event

Virtual Fundraiser for NYC

We teamed up with The Child Center of New York to create their first ever virtual gala. The event received a lot of praise from the board of directors, staff, and the families that The Child Center serves.

Virtual Event

$800k Raised for Student Success at CUNY John Jay

Our team collaborated with CUNY John Jay to create their first ever Virtual Justice Benefit. The benefit was so successful that they even surpassed their fundraising goal!

JohnJay_SponsorsPhoneMockup_V1 (1).jpg
SteveLucin.com_Desktop MockUp_3_v1 (1).jpeg

Virtual Event

Celebrate Scholarship Opportunities at John Jay

We collaborated again with CUNY John Jay to celebrate the various scholarships they offer their students. Money was also raised to support more scholarships.

Virtual Event

Connecting Alumni During COVID

Alumni Reunions can be done virtually too! Check out how we transformed John Jay's in-person reunion into a virtual one. It was a great way to connect and reunite safely. 

SteveLucin.com_Phone MockUp_v2 (1).jpg

Hybrid Event

Hybrid Graduation for Senior Class

Hybrid graduations are the next best thing! We teamed up with High School of Art and Design to help them stream their graduation for families that were unable to attend dude to COVID.  

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