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My Brands

I'm a creative entrepreneur which means I'm a shareholder of multiple creative businesses and organizations.


Halucinated Studios

This is my after-hours business. We produce branding and marketing for nightlife brands. 


Support Creativity

This is the non-profit that we are building for passionate creative students. We provide resources such as scholarships, mentorship, networking, professional development and work opportunities. 


Legacy Greek

I'm a brother of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. Creating marketing material for Greek Life is actually how I started my design journey. This brand is where I pass down my knowledge of branding and marketing to other Greek lettered organizations. 

We Support Creativity
Legacy Greek
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When I married Sade, we both changed our last names to Ortiz-Lucin, so that both of our initials would be SOL (which means sun in spanish). Our website is Go ahead, you can say awwwwww. =)

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