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I can help take your business


strategy, design, and

all sorts of creativity.

You're passionate about your idea

and you're trying to get it off the ground. Or maybe you're trying to get your personal brand on point to show off who you really are. Or perhaps you're even about to throw an event in a few months and you need the promotional material to look absolutely amazing so everybody and their mothers can go to your event.


The piece you are missing is design strategy.


I've got all the necessary tools, knowledge, and skill to create what is in your mind and make it into reality. Even if you have no idea what you want, don't worry, I've got plenty of ideas for you.


You'll get that logo you've always wanted.

Your overall branding will be on point and recognizable.

Your social media will gain more followers and likes.

Your business card will be sexy AF (and fresh)

Your merchandise will be flaunted.

And your website will be straight out of your dreams.


Heck, you can even get hooked up with some virtual reality videos if that tickles your fancy. The point is, if it has to do with design and creativity, I've got you covered!



Creative and business knowledge 

I've been running my own business, Halucinated Design , since the Great Recession in the U.S. That means I can make sure you not only survive but thrive with all of the business knowledge that I have gained over the years. I graduated from RPI in 2008, and from Parsons MFA program in 2010 - nobody was hiring, so I was forced to go on my own in New York City, the most expensive place in the galaxy!


Event marketing is actually how I started designing (my first design was a party flyer for my fraternity, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upislon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. I fell in love, and the rest is history!) In grad school, I learned how to animate, and so I started to make my marketing material move.


I started hosting my own events, and so I understand what a successful promotional effort looks like. I love this realm so much, I even VJ (animate and mix video live) at nightclubs and festivals.


Oh, and if you happen to be going to college or grad school for creativity, you can possibly receive one of my Support Creativity scholarships. Yup, I'm building a non-profit support system for passionate creatives too, so I've got some social impact knowledge as well.


Not a one man show

We have a full team of creative people that are passionate to work for non-profits and small businesses.


What people are saying


Shira Fisher

Chief Development Officer, BRC

Team Lucin was instrumental in executing the live stream show and we got INCREDIBLE reviews from our event.

Your Creative Business Partner
Let's combine both of our passions and knowledge and make awesomeness happen together

My Brands

I'm a creative entrepreneur which means I'm a shareholder of multiple creative businesses and organizations.


Branding and marketing for entertainment and nightlife.


Scholarships and resources for passionate creatives.


Brand and marketing for fraternities and sororities.


Yes, I branded my relationship with my wife.

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