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I can help take your nonprofit


consistent creativity.

Here's to the visionaries,

the creatives, and the


The ones who

bet on themselves

and let their passions

drive their success.

You can't ignore them

because they love to empower

and educate their people.

While the world sees them as

crazy unconventional

risk-takers, I see them as

innovative leaders,

role models, and mentors.

Because the people who

are crazy enough to think

they can merge work and life

together while creatively

uplifting their communities

are the ones who do.

But nah, for real
Who is Steve Lucin?

Steve Ortiz-Lucin is a creativepreneur who helps passionate visionaries and nonprofits rebrand and redesign their content so that they can serve those they love.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Lucin and his team, Team Lucin, have helped nonprofits raise over $3 million dollars for all sorts of communities by producing virtual gala and live streaming them.


Lucin helps develop passionate individuals in his community through the nonprofit he founded, Support Creativity. They've awarded over $50,000 in scholarships.

Lucin pulls his technical design, motion graphics, and entrepreneurial skills from running his own business, Halucinated Studios, which is a creative production studio for nightlife brands. You can find him creating immersive experiences with projection mapping and VJing there.

What makes Team Lucin different than any other creative agency is that everything from the mission to the work they do, even the pricing, has been carefully crafted to help maximize the impact of the organizations they collaborate with.

My mission is to uplift my community through creativity.

I do this through the brand I run and with the people I collaborate with.

- Steve Lucin

What people are saying


Shira Fisher

Chief Development Officer, BRC

Team Lucin was instrumental in executing the live stream show and we got INCREDIBLE reviews from our event.

Consistent Creativity for Your Nonprofit
Let's combine both of our passions and knowledge and serve those we love.

My Brands

I'm a creative entrepreneur which means I'm a shareholder of multiple creative businesses and organizations.


Projection Mapping, Live Recording, and Live Editing for Nightlife Brands.


Scholarships and resources for passionate creatives.


Yes, I branded my relationship with my wife.

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