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Hybrid Graduation for Senior Class

October 2021

Introduction / Summary

The High School of Art and Design is a Career and Technical Education school that specializes in visual arts. Their mission is to prepare their talented students to become exceptional artists by integrating art into their curriculum. Many of their students have been successful in the world of arts and some student films have even been displayed at the Tribeca Film Festival.

The Challenge

The High School of Art and Design normally holds their annual graduation for their graduating students at their school’s auditorium. This year due to COVID they had to completely pivot the way they normally have their graduations. The Department of Education laid out specific guidelines for all NYC schools to follow. One of the guidelines required graduations to be held outside and for parents and family members in attendance to show proof of vaccination.

The Solution

HSAD reached out to Steve and his team to help them create a hybrid graduation that consisted of recording and livestreaming the whole graduation for parents and students that were not able to attend due to COVID. The livestream included visuals from different angles and was displayed on the school’s website for all to see. Team Lucin also created a recap video of the graduation ceremony so students and their families could have and watch for years to come. The recap video had the whole graduation ceremony, moments of the students interacting with each other & their families, & pre-recorded material that was not livestreamed. Students who were unable to attend were also recognized in the video with a slide of their picture and name.

  • Invitation

  • Camera crew & equipment

  • Livestream Production

  • Social Media Teaser

  • Recap Video

Cohesive Event Branding

The event branding was prominent throughout the show, from the invitations to the broadcast design of the recap video. 

Cohesive Event Branding
Show Production

We made the live stream look like a cohesive, well branded, show with animated graphics that included: ​

  1. Animated show logo

  2. Transitions 

  3. Titles

  4. Lower Thirds

  5. Credits

  6. Stream cover and ending graphics

Marketing Materials

We created a short sizzle that was used for social media and email marketing to display various moments of the graduation. After seeing the sizzle the students and their families were excited to watch the whole event!

Live Stream Production

Watch how the pieces came together for the hybrid virtual graduation.

Click the video below!


The graduation ceremony was a complete success! All the students and their families were very happy that they were able to attend the graduation in-person, and many family members that weren’t able to attend due to COVID were also able to enjoy the graduation through the livestream.


Parents, teachers, and faculty members were also very appreciative of the recap video of the ceremony because they’ll be able to share it for years to come. It was a new way to have a graduation but it was something positive that came out of the situation because the school learned how to reach a bigger audience.

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