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Celebrating Scholarship Opportunities at John Jay

July 2021

Introduction / Summary

CUNY John Jay is one of the leading Criminal Justice schools in the U.S. It’s a public university located in New York City that has been around since 1964. CUNY John Jay hosts their Champions of Justice event to recognize scholarship donors and recipients.

The Challenge

CUNY John Jay offers many scholarship opportunities to their students. Their annual Champions of Justice event brings together scholarship donors and recipients to enjoy a night of interaction and conversation. However, this year due to COVID-19 John Jay decided to pivot their in-person event to a virtual one to keep everyone safe.

The Solution

John Jay teamed up with Team Lucin again to create a Virtual Champions of Justice event. We produced a 30-minute video that consisted of pre-recorded material showcasing recipients of certain scholarships and the people who created those scholarships. The in-person event allows students to interact with donors and share their experiences at John Jay. In the virtual space, this interactive session was done by opening up Zoom rooms after the show. During the show there was a chat feature that allowed viewers to comment throughout the show and show their support. This was a great addition that brought everyone together.

  • Animated Invitation

  • Virtual Gala Website

  • Virtual Journal

  • Show Production 

  • Live Stream Production

  • Chat feature during Live Stream

Cohesive Event Branding

The event branding was prominent throughout the show, from the invitations to the event website. 

Cohesive Event Branding
Animated Invitation

We created an animated invitation that was used to promote the event in all platforms. 

Event Marketig
Show Production

We made the live stream look like a cohesive, well branded, show with animated graphics that included: ​

  1. Animated show logo

  2. Transitions 

  3. Titles

  4. Lower Thirds

  5. Call to Action/Donate 

  6. Credits/Sponsors

  7. Stream cover and ending graphics

Live Stream Production

Watch how the pieces come together for the virtual Champions of Justice.

Click the video below!

Virtual Journal


The feedback John Jay received from the Virtual Champions of Justice event was incredible! Everyone loved the chat feature during the show because it felt like a conversation was happening in the same room, even though it was a virtual space. During event night many donations were also collected that further support scholarships and student success. The organization of the website made the transition from the show to the Zoom webinar smooth and fast. It was a successful virtual night!


We have teamed up with CUNY John Jay to produce two other virtual events. To learn more about those events click the link below.

CUNY John Jay Case Studies 

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