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A Virtual Graduation That Does Not Suck 

October 2020

Introduction / Summary

La Vida Scholar's wanted to celebrate their graduating seniors with a virtual celebration that was unlike every other boring Zoom meeting. We helped create a fun and engaging event that was actually enjoyable! 

The Challenge

In-person ceremonies have been cancelled due to COVID-19.


La Vida Scholars is a non-profit organization in Massachusetts that helps students with college prep to ensure they can get into the best colleges with minimal debt. La Vida Scholars wanted to do something special for the students as their graduation date approached. Graduation Day is a memorable moment that is normally celebrated with a big and joyous ceremony, however COVID-19 posed too many dangers and made that celebration impossible. Or so, they thought.

How did we overcome the obstacles presented by COVID-19 and create a memorable graduation?

The Solution

Zoom has become an essential everyday tool for many of us. As we try to adjust to the “new normal” brought by COVID-19 we use the internet and meeting platforms like Zoom for meetings, school, and even birthday celebrations. So, I thought why not use it to host a virtual event celebrating La Vida Scholar seniors?


Peter Barros, the Executive Director of La Vida Scholars, was a little skeptical at first because he did not want this celebration to feel like another boring Zoom meeting. I had to make sure this was not the case. Peter also wanted to be a part of the production process but did not have the technological knowledge. So, I took him under my wing and taught him the necessary software to help produce the show.


Together we created a program that brought laughs, love, and warmth to all those who watched it. It did not feel like another regular Zoom chat; all the elements we incorporated gave it another dimension.


The whole program was created in a little under two months. It consisted of pre-recorded and live content. We received pre-recorded footage from the various colleges that accepted La Vida Scholar students and alumni shout-outs. Peter also recorded the moment where he gave the students gifts to give to their parents, and the reactions were incorporated as well. These videos really made the families feel as if they were a part of the program, it was a surprise that made the show that much more meaningful.

  • Video Edits 

    • Alumni Video

    • Thank You Family Video

    • College Bound Video 

    • Keynote Speech

    • College Partners Video 

  • Show Production 

  • Re-edited Replay of the Show 

  • Educated the Director on how to broadcast the livestream within Zoom

  • Tech support for the day of event

Video Edits
College Bound Video
Thank You Families Videos
Alumni Video
Video Edits
Show Production

We made the live stream look like a cohesive, well branded, show with animated graphics that included: 

  1. Animated show logo

  2. Animated branded transitions

  3. Titles

  4. Lower thirds

Live Stream Production

This is the version of the whole production which you can replay.

We live-streamed to YouTube using OBS Stream Labs.


Families felt happy and appreciated!

Many students commented:

They felt special, rewarded, and proud of their hard work!

And that's worth everything! Delivering your nonprofits' message directly and effectively so that you can continue to serve and help the community that you love!

Live Stream
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