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Designing Covenant House's 2022 International Annual Report

January 2023

Introduction / Summary

Covenant House is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1972 to help young people who were experiencing homelessness and trafficking. Since then, they have expanded their services across North and South America. Like many other nonprofit organizations, Covenant House needed to produce their Annual Report to present their accomplishments of 2022. But this year they didn’t want to just print their annual report, they also wanted to present it as a web version.


Annual Report Print Version

Annual Report Web Version

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The Challenge

All of Covenant House’s previous annual reports had only been printed, this was the first time it would be presented on a webpage. Covenant House was a bit hesitant about the process as it was something very new to them and they were worried that the timeline would be too tight to do a printed and web version. They also wanted the webpage to be more engaging and interactive for their audience. 


They didn’t want to create a boring site of statistics and words, they wanted something that would catch the attention of their audience while still reflecting their organization and their mission.

The challenege
The Solution

During our initial onboarding meeting with Covenant House we discussed their vision for both the print and web versions. We used other organizations' web annual reports as inspiration for the layout. 


Covenant House provided all the copy, branding, and statistics that were to be included in the annual report. First, we started designing the print version. After some rounds of edits the print version of the annual report was approved and finalized. Once that was done, we began to transform the print version to the web version.

  • Printed Annual Report

  • Web Version of Annual Report

Print Version

We created a 28-page printed version of the annual report that the client was very happy with. All the information on the annual report was presented in a creative and professional manner that reflected the organization’s brand.

The back cover of the annual report included a QR code that was directed to the webpage. The great thing about having the annual report on a webpage is that we could include videos that speak more to the mission and history of the organization. 


We created an evergreen animated timeline that highlighted the history and key moments of the organization through its years of service. The video also included when new locations opened and where they opened.

Displaying the annual report on a webpage also provides more accessibility to more people and is more cost-effective because it reduces printing costs. It’s also a great marketing tool that can easily be linked to email blasts. Another bonus is that the donate button is at the top of the page so people can easily donate after reading about all the incredible work that was done throughout the year.

  Are you ready to level up your annual report?   
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