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How To Find Your Purpose

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Understanding that I was leaving my full-time job and going back to running my own business, I knew that I wanted to become a better leader and manager, especially if I wanted to grow.

One of my mentors, Luis Tapia, recommended that I read The 5th Discipline: The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization. I fell in love with the book!

One of the disciplines is Personal Mastery. One of the lessons from this discipline is to have a good sense of what your personal vision is.

If you as a leader don't have a good sense of your own vision, you won't be able to draw out other people to create their own or consider yours.

But of course!

After reading the book, I bought The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook and that is where I learned how to draw forth my own personal vision and it was incredibly eye opening!

I figured out my life purpose: To uplift my community through creativity and to show people that life should be spent enjoying themselves, exploring, and learning.

I did the exercise with my wife and loved it so much that I then started to do it with my friends, clients, collaborators, students, and now you! Anybody can truly benefit from this practice.

I recorded the session I had with the creative director of Tiger Eye Focus, Nathaniel Jimenez. Watch Step #1: Creating a Result below.

I've also created a workbook so that you can follow along. You can download it on my official Personal Vision page (and watch all of the steps there).

I see this as the very first step in creating an amazing personal brand or small business, so I definitely recommend this to all my creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and personal brands out there.

After going through the practice, let me know! I'd love to hear from you. Just schedule a little chat with me using this link.

Good luck you visionary you!


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