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What does Steve Lucin do? (Lucin's Lounge Ep. 1)

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Well to understand that question, first you must understand who Steve Lucin is. I am a creativepreneur, designer, animator, VJ, husband, father, friend, and mentor. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by many creative minds that have really fueled and motivated my artistic abilities. One of them being my creative partner, Alex Gonzalez. In this first live podcast stream I sit down with Alex to share our creative journeys, but also how those journeys led us to cross paths. And most importantly, how our journeys have helped and influenced our communities.


3 Motivational Moments

  1. Education isn’t for a specific group of people. It should be something that everyone has access to and we can do something to change the status quo. All it took for me was one person’s roadblock and I created Support Creativity.

  2. Creativity is connecting things. Anything really. It’s about connecting your passion with someone else’s passion and creating something beautiful. Connecting one form of art with another. Or connecting people with communities to create a better world. We connected 13 DJ’s for 13 hours and raised $13,000 for COVID relief!

  3. It’s important to adjust certain business services to help your clients. During COVID many organizations had to stop fundraising in-person, luckily we had the resources and creativity to transform their in-person events to virtual events. The Bowery Residents’ Community was planning on cancelling their in-person gala but we created a virtual gala and they ended up raising $1 Million dollars!



[1] - Alex tells the story of how we met.

  • I noticed that Alex’s shirt had one of my designs on it. I went up to him and told him he was wearing my design. We’ve been friends ever since.

[2] - Me and Alex explore Steve’s organizations and services.

  • Overall, Steve is a community leader that uses his creativity to bring people together and help other businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.

[3] - I share my experience at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as an undergraduate and how difficult the engineering major was for me.

  • My fraternity brothers of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. convince me to change my major from Computer & Systems Engineering to Electronic Media Arts & Communication. It was one of the best decisions of my life and a positive game-changer.

  • I strongly believe that you will be happier if you’re doing something you’re truly passionate about.

[4] - I started Support Creativity because of a young creative student that didn’t have the same access to education as other students (he was undocumented).

  • This was a big eye opener and I knew I had to do something to help him. I combined my passion for creativity and my love for my community to create Support Creativity.

[5] - Alex discusses his printing business and how COVID affected his ability to work.

  • I needed more help with his service of creating virtual galas. Together we’ve created many virtual galas and helped organizations reach their fundraising goals.

[6] - Me and Alex share some insights on our other brands. My brand being Halucinated and Alex’s is Addicted Designs

  • Creativity is our drug and it’s what has helped both of our businesses. It’s also what has helped us venture out as VJ’s.

[7] - I started my creative journey by designing flyers for my fraternity. I immediately fell in love with the creative process.

  • In 2012 I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas and was amazed by all of the creative production, especially the animations. This led me to fall in love with VJing.

  • All my experiences have instilled in me a great passion for design and creativity.

[8] - When I tell people that I VJ, most people don’t understand what that means. I will break it down for you.

  • VJing is animating and mixing visuals live at concerts, parties, & festivals.

  • Being able to influence the energy around me at a party is something very fulfilling.

[9] - Me and Alex discuss the 9 AM Banger and how that party influenced our ability to livestream. That also connected us to Brandon, an amazing broadcast producer.

  • Brandon had a green studio and we were figuring out all the connections that were needed to livestream 13 different people who were in 13 different places. Due to COVID we couldn't be all in the same room.

  • We had a successful 13 hour stream and helped raise $13,000 for the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

[10] - Through this podcast we want to be able to encourage, inspire, help, and educate our audience.

  • If you ever have any questions on anything we discuss please feel free to send us a message or contact us.

[11] - I define creativity as connecting things.

  • I’m excited to do a video explaining all the various connections that are happening behind the scenes.

  • We are constantly connecting to the max.

[12] - Due to COVID I had to move out of my Times Square Studio and into my very small NYC apartment.

  • With dedication and focus, I was able to buy a home with my wife in Pleasantville, New York.

  • I’m currently working on setting up my studio here and it’s been such a ride already. Follow me for more updates on my studio.

[13] - We helped BRC raise $1 Million dollars during the peak of the pandemic.

  • The livestream we had done for the NY Presbyterian Hospital inspired our work for virtual galas. I realized we could do all the branding for the event, create the website for the stream, and work remotely to put on a show.

  • BRC trusted me and so we made it happen.

[14] - Due to the pandemic I had to stop my social media support for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • I have my team back and we’re able to provide these services again.

  • Along with other livesteaming, VJing, and rebranding services.

  • My team is rocking out so I can be a full time dad, but more on that to come.

[15] - Throughout the day I’m taking care of my daughter Aria, but during the evening I’m rocking out with my team.

  • We get creative to produce awesome content for our clients and ourselves.

  • My new studio has allowed for my creative juices to flow again.


Steve Lucin

I am a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries rebrand and produce virtual events so they can serve those they love. And I VJ.

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