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Does Your Marketing Suck?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Full disclosure: I am selling you my services with this blog post.

Are you struggling with your marketing right now?
Having a hard time connecting with people online?
All of your events canceled and you need to take them virtually?

My name is Steve Lucin and I help businesses and nonprofits with their marketing.

Since schools are closed, we're helping the Boys's Club of NY stay engaged with their students by creating lots of educational and inspirational videos with their staff. Their instagram is looking great and getting more likes, followers, and views.

Here are some samples of the videos we've produced:

Virtual Clubhouse Introduction:

Virtual College Tour:

Burpees Challenge:

Virtual Museum Tour:

How To Make an Omelette:

Hasan Minhaj Shout Out:

What about events, they’re all canceled, right?

Well, right now we’re helping an organization transition from in-person events to hosting their fundraising gala online. We’re creating their invitations, animating their videos, designing their gala website, and live streaming it.

In fact, we helped fundraise $13,000 in 13 hours for the New York Presbyterian Hospital:

Or maybe you need to hit the refresh button and get a new logo, website, and eye-catching social media.

Don’t worry because I’m your outsourced marketing department.

If your business or nonprofit needs some help with marketing. Schedule a time to chat, and let’s get your marketing on point once and for all!


Steve Lucin

I am a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries grow their businesses and organizations through proper branding, marketing, and creativity. And I VJ.

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