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The Men Up Podcast

The Men Up Podcast invited me to be a guest on their podcast recently, and man, was it an awesome time! The Men Up is a movement that seeks to explore and redefine the idea of what it means “to be a man” in a more positive and inspiring way.

We discussed my non-profit organization, Support Creativity, the importance of mentoring the younger generation, and bringing together the community through my many organizations.

I also mentioned how two men, my dad and my life coach, Louis Tapia, helped shape and influence who I am today and bring awareness to who I want to be. We explored my own definition of “masculinity” and how I’m so focused on just feeling and living every day and being in tune with my emotions.

If you want to go deeper into the conversation, check out the whole podcast below.

Let me know what “masculinity” means to you in the comments and how you’ve tried redefining the term for yourself.


Steve Lucin

I am a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries rebrand and produce virtual events so they can serve those they love. And I VJ.

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