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Why I Left My $100k/yr Job

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I decided to take control of my life (again).

I quit my full-time job as an animator and Virtual Reality FX Supervisor at 451 Media. In which I was a full-time employee for about 3 years. I realized that I have so many goals and aspirations that I needed to follow my own advice; follow my heart and continue to do the things that I absolutely love.

In late 2016 I was in a rut. I turned 30 earlier that year and it was the first age that actually affected me. I asked myself questions like:

What am I doing with my life?

What's the next move?

Am I suppose to be stuck here with no direction?

Do I need to take control and make my own direction?

Do I really like comic books?

Do I really see myself as the VR guy?

What am I going to do with Support Creativity?

Why have I let Halucinated Design just fizzle out?

I'm about to get married! Ahhh!!!

I got in contact with one of my good friends and fraternity brothers, Luis Tapia (aka Lou Knows Good). I expressed everything that I was feeling and he became my life coach for the next few months. He got me out of my rut.

I learned a lot about myself, in all different aspects of my life. Career, relationships, spirituality, finance, etc. He let me find a sense of direction for myself. With his new mission to help those who are doing good do good better, he also helped me with some of the direction for my passion project, Support Creativity.

I spent the next year focusing on actually creating a vision and mission for Support Creativity. I also focused on raising $20k. Journaling with The Freedom Journal helped me with this too.

Fast forward to the end of 2017, I decided that if I wanted Support Creativity to grow in the crazy way that I want it to, I need more time to focus on it, without feeling guilty about working on it during work hours.

I built an incredible relationship with everybody at 451 Media. I did not wish to leave them. I wanted them to be part of my journey. I expressed my concerns that had me so heavy hearted. My supervisor, Jess Gentile, was incredibly open arms about my goals and aspirations, which I am absolutely grateful for. We came to an agreement where I would go back to freelancing and consulting with them, as long as I pay rent for space in their office.

And so I took the leap of faith.

And here we are.

In doing so I realized that in order to build Support Creativity, I needed to become stable once again with the things that I love doing, creativity.

I relaunched, I am rebuilding my creative businesses and organizations (Halucinated Design, Support Creativity and now the new Legacy Greek), and repositioning myself as a creative entrepreneur. One that helps passionate visionaries bring in more cash into their businesses through creativity.

I plan on educating you with all of the knowledge that I know. From planning a business, starting it, creating it, designing it, building it, to developing it.

The great part about all of this is that we get to rebuild my business and your business together.

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Love you all, holla!

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