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Immersive Talks: Steve Lucin Episode

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

My good friend Mehow Skalski from Jump Into The Light Virtual Reality Play Lab (JITL) invited me to be on their new podcast, Immersive Talks, and of course I was down!

I know Mehow because I hosted a VR Paint Party Fundraiser there back in 2017 for Support Creativity. It was certainly an unforgettable event. Make sure to check out the recap page.

It was great to catch up with with Jump Into The Light Team, I'm glad to see that they are still growing.

In this podcast episode of, we go into some of my background as a creativepreneur and how I built my network. Please have a listen:

Shout out to Palmer Foote of Big Foote Music + Sound for interviewing me and making the podcast happen. Don't forget to subscribe to Immersive Talks wherever you listen to podcasts.

Do you even VR bro? Let me know in the comments below!

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