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How to add Topaz Filters on Flyers

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I will show you a few quick tricks using Topaz filters to take your flyer to the next level. (Topaz is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop)

Let's dive right in:

So I opened this flyer I was working on in Adobe Photoshop...

When here...

...hit "Command J" to duplicate it...
...hit "Select All"...
..."Copy Merge" (which is SHIFT Command C on a Mac)...
...then paste on all the layers you have

The result takes 1 layer and allows you to add effects to it.

Having Topaz installed and all your layers up, go to:

...Topaz Labs...
...Topaz Adjust 5

This is one of my favorite tools ever. It's the salt and pepper on top of your food.

There are different collections in the Topaz Adjust 5. I typically hang out in the "Vibrant Collection" and then I scroll down.

These are some of my favorite presets:

  • Dramatic

  • Dramatic II

  • Detail - Strong

  • Detail - Strong II

  • Detailed color

  • Organic

Always feel free to explore which ones you think look good.

To compare the changes you've made with the Topaz filters with the orginal you just click and hold

When using these filters things start to pop out a little more. Things start to shine and show things you didn't get to see before.

(Without filter)

(With filter)

These effects help unify the whole flyer and make everything cohesive.

Always name which effect you use - if you need to edit it again to reapply the coloring or Topaz filters, you know which effect was used before. If a filter feels "too much" (too much color, bold, etc) adjust to down to 50%.

If you really want to get crazy:

Copy the original again and start combining multiple Topaz filters

Important Message:

Have fun with it! These filters are the cherry on top of any project.

Which one is your favorite Topaz filter? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to learn more go to

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