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How To Get A Message Out Fast With Loom

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Loom is a very powerful tool that I use to quickly get a screen recorded message out to my clients and team members, and it can help your brand and business.

Using audio/visual is waaayyyyy better than just sending out and email or text/slack message.

You're able to get hear people's tone/voice and see their facial/body expressions. These are crucial for effective communication, and you all know that communication is key!

The way Loom responded to the Covid-19 craziness is impressive. Instead of hiking prices up, they slashed them and made their technology available for all of those in education. Wow!

Watch their CEO's response:

You can read more about it on their blog:

If you need any help using Loom, hit me up, I'm here for you!

Stay safe and wash your hands!

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