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We're Hiring a Motion Graphics Designer!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Ready to show off mad skills as an awesome talented motion graphics ninja?

Is that a YES? Well lucky for you, we have just the perfect position for you at our passionate creative company. In this ever-growing creative world, our team is dedicated to providing high-quality, meaningful, captivating motion graphics in all shapes and sizes. We are in need of someone who is a ninja in their craft and can bring to life all the extraordinary ideas that are constantly spinning around our heads.

This position is a freelance position with the opportunity to grow into a full-time position.

How will you know if you are truly the perfect person for the job? Easy. If most of these qualities apply to you, then you best believe you are the one!

  • You know how to turn crazy ideas into inspiring pieces of motion graphics.

  • You love to animate motion graphics in Adobe After Effects.

  • You have a passion for design, especially logos, branding, and how they animate on TV (think ESPN team logos, the Emmy/Tony/Grammy awards show, or any game show (watch an episode of Shazam That or Ellen’s Game of Games).

  • After Effects isn’t the only Adobe software you know. You take your animations and master them in Adobe Premiere.

  • You think that troubleshooting is rewarding when solving technical errors (for both software and hardware)

  • Love to research new ways to make your animations work more efficiently, easier, yet give a more wow factor (by using plugins, templates, etc.)

  • Patience (but you already know this because RAM previews and renders take a long time)

  • Can work under pressure (although our team goal is to not get to the point of pressure)

  • You are agile at brainstorming, coming up with custom graphics that transmit ideas across digital platforms.

  • You are also deadline-driven, organized, and detail-obsessed.

  • You have top-notch interpersonal and communication skills but are also a self-starter, able to work independently from a group.

Let’s get the wack-ish stuff out of the way first:

  • The hours are weird. At first, we may have 10 hours a week, and then as you start to get more familiar with our business, it might grow to 25/week or even full-time if desired. So, if you’re looking for something full-time to start, or want to squeeze our work-in next to your other 5 clients, then this is no longer the “coolest” part-time job ever, it just became the wack-ish and probably isn’t a good fit. We’re looking for someone who can join our team with these part-time hours, but feel like this is where they will grow into their full-time home.

  • Deadline time can get crazy. Remember pulling all-nighters in college? Well, we still kinda do that. Lots of Redbull and/or coffee. But with your ninja superpowers, we’re hoping to not get to this point.

  • Review points 1 and 2.

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff:

  • Our office is virtual. This means you can wear comfy sweats and a t-shirt. You can focus on creating and not appearance (too much). I mean you gotta be presentable and not look like a bum, especially during client meetings. But for the most part. It’s super chill.

  • The work is fresh, dynamic, energetic, inspiring, and empowering. Due to COVID, had to get innovative and transition in-person events to virtual events. We are mastering the virtual gala production process. In doing so, we create a virtual show for nonprofits so that they can fundraise and serve the communities that they love. It’s creative work and empowers and is driven by love.

  • Communication is key. We are HUGE on communication. It’s the reason why we have been successful with our creative work. It is the pulse of the company. We communicate through Zoom and Slack on the daily.

  • Early birds and night owls are welcomed. You can grind whenever you want, but you should be available for quick chats during the day about the work that needs to get done.

  • You’ll have creative control. With this position, we’re empowering you to make creative decisions that will move the project forward and make it look sexy AF.

  • You’ll have a ton of autonomy + the opportunity to bring your ideas to the table and boss Steve Lucin around when you need him to get things done.

What you’ll be responsible for related to motion graphics

  • Producing custom broadcast packages and any assets for the show

    • Show openers

    • Countdowns animations

    • Logo animations and bumpers

    • Lower thirds

    • Titles

    • Animated invitations

    • Animated social media posts

    • Check out some of our cool examples in the video below:

  • Conceptualize, design, develop and execute a variety of motion concepts in collaboration with the creative team.

  • Research and analyze best design techniques and solutions to create motion graphics

  • Create video content and assets for use across a wide variety of media, including social media, mobile platforms, and emerging media

  • Take initiative on projects to over-deliver new and innovative solutions

  • Adhere to brand guidelines in ways that still push creative boundaries

  • Make key decisions about which art packages, tools, and internal art resources will be used

  • Participate in creative concept development and problem-solving sessions

  • Knowledge of graphic design, typography, placement graphics, and illustrative graphics

  • Adhere to timelines and meet all deadlines while producing accurate and high-quality work

Now let’s talk about the job requirements:

  1. You’re passionate about helping nonprofits. While we’re not a nonprofit, we help nonprofits produce virtual shows to service their communities.

  2. 3-5 years of experience using Adobe After Effects

  3. Intermediate to expert level proficiency in

    1. Adobe After Effects

    2. Adobe Premiere Pro

    3. Adobe Photoshop

    4. Adobe Illustrator

    5. Adobe Audition (optional)

  4. At least a Bachelor’s Degree

  5. Motion graphics portfolio submission

  6. YouTube application video

We’re not looking for the grasshopper, we’re looking for the sensei.

Show us your motion graphics ninja skills by applying here.


Steve Lucin

I am a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries grow their businesses and nonprofits through proper branding, marketing, and creativity. And I VJ.

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