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How to Make Yourself Unavailable in Calendly

I will show you how to make yourself unavailable in Calendly for a whole day. This is helpful if you're on vacation, traveling, or don’t want to take meetings.

I use calendly.com to book meetings with potential or existing clients.

(if you don’t use Calendly, it's free and you can sign up with your Gmail)

Let’s dive right in:

In Calendly, I have four calendars that are visible. If you want to make yourself unavailable, they need to be unavailable in all active calendars.

These are mine below and you can find them on SteveLucin.com/chat. Anyone can book a meeting with me.

  1. New Business

  2. Follow-Up

  3. Personal Vision Review

  4. Non-Business

How to be unavailable in your active calendar:

Click on “When can people book this event?”....
….scroll down….
….Click "Show More"….
….Click the day you want….
….Click “I’m unavailable”....
….Click “Apply for 1 day only”....
….Apply this to the days you want be unavailable….
….Save and Close

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