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How to Add Your Animated GIF to IG

I will show you how to add an animated GIF to an IG story - MOBILE. (You'll have to create your animated logo or use one already made)

Let's dive right in:

Go to your website or where ever you want to use your animated logo.

...Tap and hold...
...(a popup will appear with the option whether to Save Image or Copy)...
...Tap "Save Image"...
...(When you save the image)...
...Go to your Photos...

...(It will be hard to see because it was all white for me)...
...Just tap on your last photo (the red arrow indicates where to tap)
...(You’ll see it is saved in your camera roll)...
...(this is how the photo will look when selected)...
...Tap the box with the arrow
...Tap "Copy"
...Then Open up Instagram
...Go to your Story
...Take a picture or use a saved photo
...Tap on the photo (as if you were going to type)...
...Tap and hold until the word “Paste” pops up
...Tap “Paste

BOOM! You have an animated gif on your story

Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments below! Check out SteveLucin.com/blog for more tips and How-To's.

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