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Breaking Down Business Card Stocks w/ Primoprint Sample Kit

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

What's the best paper stock for your business card?

The business card design is one way to impress, but you have another opportunity to say that you mean business by the way your business card feels.

My friends over at Primoprint sent me a free sample pack. These are absolutely clutch because you really get to touch and feel all of the different types of paper stocks.

There are some really special paper effects that you may not be aware of, and I break it all down for you here.

This card has no coating on the front and the back feels almost like a postcard so you can write on it easily. Even though this one is in the shape of a baseball card, you can print this in a business card size.

These are actually pretty popular because you can have one side for your graphics and the other side you can add a little note to the person you’re giving it to... So a pretty cool option!

This one is cool because the shininess of the card is all over. I typically use UV Gloss on party flyers I print out. They are easy and shiny. I would recommend the 16PT and glossiness for a coupon, a promotion, or a party flyer. I would not recommend this for a regular business card. The ⅛ corners are a nice touch.

Recommendation: I would recommend this card for a coupon, promotion, or party flyer. Basically a card that you will use temporarily.

This is a 16PT Matte Business Card.

A Matte finish card is a pretty regular card, but what's special with this one is that it comes with Spot UV gloss. The shininess is only on specific areas on the card. In this case, only on the Tetris blocks and on the words “Spot UV gloss”.

When you’re ordering your cards, you can make which areas you would like to have a Matte finish or the Spot UV gloss.

Customizing Your Card:You can either choose ¼’ (0.25”) or ⅛’ (0.125”) rounded corners on most business card options.You’ll have the option to select to have all four corners rounded or two opposite corners rounded. I prefer using ⅛’ rounded corners because it is more subtle but it's all about your preference!

What happens with inline foil when it's made is that a silver gets printed on first and then your colored design gets printed on over it. So whatever gets designated to be inline foil comes out with a nice metallic look. I would say it's not as shiny as the UV Spot gloss.

What’s interesting about the inline foil like I mentioned before is that it's a silver metallic that prints on top of your design. This sample does a great job of showing how it will look in certain colors.

It's cool and interesting, and definitely a good option!

This is a 32PT, Uncoated, and thick. The edge of the card is painted. This is a card. This is really thick and doesn't feel cheap.

What's interesting about the painted edge is that you can pick your color and take it a step further with either the Modcard Triple Layer or Pearlescent Painted Card

The edge has a layer then another layer on the inside forming a reverse “oreo” of color.

This card has a little hint of glitter compared to the regular Painted Edge cards. These cards are pretty hard, sturdy, very durable, and thick.

These cards feel like you mean business.

They are uncoated so you can’t print on them. For example, you can't print Spot UV gloss on or Matt w/ UV Spot. You also have the option of no edge color so it would be all white

When ordering your sample pack from Primoprint, make sure to let them know which colors you want so they can throw that in there for you.

First off, silk laminate feels really nice. It's silky and incredibly smooth. I’ve always used the silk laminated cards as my business cards. It has always been the premiere choice. I definitely recommend… its not plain or regular and it feels really nice to the touch.

Inline Foil:

  • Has a touch of metallic to your colors

  • The graphics and text are inline with the ink

Stamped Foil:

  • Much shinier

  • More vibrant

  • Feels like you’re almost looking at a mirror

  • Graphics are slightly stamped into the card

The Velvet Laminated really feels good to the touch. It doesn't feel like a regular business card. The texture feels extremely premium.

This is what I have used in the past to print my business cards.

This is sexy.

Since its raised foil, not only is the foil shiny but it has another layer of ink. You can totally touch that and feel that it's raised. That's a really cool touch, I absolutely recommend it. I’m actually really impressed with the raised gold.

If I was a jeweler, I would definitely have the Gold Raised Foil or the Silver Raised Foil.

Stamped Foil:

  • Has mirror reflection

Silk Laminate w/ Silver Raised Foil:

  • Has mirror reflection

  • Raised foil is on both sides

  • Velvet laminated

The Raised Foil puts it over the edge!

On one side, I’m feeling the velvet. On the other, I’m feeling the raised foil with my finger. Its quite the impressive feeling all over...its like candy to my be feeling this on a business card.

This is what I’m going to be printing on my business cards for sure!

I'm doing a rebranding of my business - Hallucinated Design and I'm going to be rebranding it as more of an optical illusion logo or hypnotic logo. I do have a lot of fun with lights and special effects and if you want special effects you want this card.

It has a Holographic Raised Foil which is super impressive because it combines everything. It's shiny, its raised, and as you move the card around you have all these different colors bouncing off of it.

This card isn't for everyone, but it's definitely impressive.

Silver Raised Foil:

  • Shines silver

Holographic Raised Foil:

  • Shines every color

I’ve never seen a business card that looks like the Holographic Raised Foil. I love it

The Raised Spot UV is a very nice touch. It adds that extra layer of substance in your card. You get the shininess, you get that extra layer, and you can use the other side to do some magic tricks with the Spot UV.

You cant go wrong with the Velvet Laminate. It's super impressive.

I use business cards to do another “first impression”. After I’ve danced with the client, telling them all the things I can help them out with, I say: “Take my card”. When they feel it, they know I'm a designer. It's not just the design but the touch and that all goes into your brand.

French Kraft = made from 30% recycled paper

It has a cool texture to it. When I say texture, it has a nice brown color then there dark brown specs all over it. So it makes it look natural paper.

I used the French Kraft cards for my wedding “Save the Dates”. We were going for a natural look and this was the correct card for it.

These are professional cards.

These cards are not going to rip. They’re durable and super strong. Being 20PT, they aren’t as durable as the 32PT cards but they’re durable.

My recommendation is to go with the Velvet Laminated Business Card if you want to give that professional first impression.

Message For Designers, Agency, or Companies That Work With Printing:

I recommend you invite your clients to your office so they can look, touch, and feel all these different cards. I do it with my clients all the time and they absolutely love it. It connects their designs to their customers and allows them to be proud of their work.

Which paper stock are you going with? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Order your Free Sample Pack from Primoprint:

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