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Business Card Comparison: Vistaprint, Moo, Primoprint

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I took a look at three different business cards from the top three business card distributors.

I’m looking for price, feel, and quality.

I broke it down by how I feel about each card then I compared them.

Let's dive right in:

So this is the design I used for each card:

I went with a design that was pretty simple but I want the touch to feel really good.

So I'm going to compare the soft-touch cards of a quantity of 100 from each of these companies.

Quality Comparison

When ordering the same cards, the VistaPrint ones certainly feel different. It’s slick and smooth, but Moo’s is very soft. There's a thickness to it, and it has a unique feeling like the Primoprint card. The Primoprint has a rough edge to it (this was one of the few in the pack). This tends to happen, not every card is going to be perfect from what you get.

Moo’s Card can't bend it as much as Primoprints card so Moo’s card is thicker.

Moo Card - the black is cooler/darker.

Primoprint Card - black is a warmer/lighter.

I gave them the same exact file so it's interesting to see how their print is compared. The colors look the same, they really pop out really nicely.

The Moo’s color is definitely darker.

When ordering the Vistaprint, I thought it was going to be a softer touch but this one is much slicker. When ordering these, be aware of that.

Pricing And Value

The VistaPrint cards are cool but pretty standard. The Moo cards are definitely worth it. I enjoy the thickness of the Moo cards. The Primoprint cards felt great too, they’re just not as thick as the Moo ones. If you put the Primoprint or Moo card into someone's hands, they are going to be impressed.

Which business card are you going with? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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