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Closing Out the Year with a BANG!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

It's been awesome to reflect where my team and I were during the beginning of the year and where we are now. We have all grown so much and are continuing to learn and expand our services.

One of the biggest wins I've had this year is becoming a homeowner. My wife and I recently purchased a home in Pleasantville that we are so pumped about. I'm in the process of transforming one of the rooms into my home studio. I've been geeking out transforming this space, it's already gotten my creative juices flowing. I can't wait to finalize it and start creating more sick content! 😎

I've also been pumped about entering this NFT world and all the cool art that makes up the space. It's been interesting to combine my background of projecting mapping with NFT art shows. We recently came back from Art Basel in Miami where we did some really interesting work and met some awesome people. I'm really excited to see where this next venture takes my team and I.

Bring it on 2022!

Let me know about your wins this year in the comments.


Steve Lucin

I am a creative entrepreneur who helps passionate visionaries rebrand and produce virtual events so they can serve those they love. And I VJ.

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