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Your Brand's Vision Starts

With Your Personal Vision

Practicing personal vision has helped me discover my Primary Goals and purpose for my own life and business. Whenever I am at a crossroads, I refer back to my personal vision, and I can make a better decision as to which way to go.


I truly believe that everybody and their mothers should practice this exercise. Download the PDF below and watch the video to practice the exercise.

I'll show you how to do it. 😊

Step 1

Creating a Result

Imagine a Result in your life that you deeply desire.

Step 2


Did you articulate a vision close to what you actually want?

Step 3

Describing Your Result

Imagine your Result, your deepest desire fully realized according to Self-Image, Tangibles, Home, Health, Relationships, Work, Personal Pursuits, Community, and your Life Purpose.

Step 4

Dimension Diving

If you can have the Dimensions in step 3, would you take it? Let's say you have it, what does it bring you?

Your Primary Goals will be uncovered here.

Watch Personal Vision
Download Personal Vision PDF

Your Creative Partner

Personal Vision is only the first step in creating a powerful and soulful brand.  Learn about the other steps in your Lucincredible journey.

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