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50 years of service in a website redesign

August 2021

Introduction / Summary

The Bowery Residents’ Committee is a non-profit in NYC that focuses on helping and caring for the homeless. BRC has collaborated with our team for two virtual events that have helped fundraise for their cause. This time, however, they were interested in revamping their website as they were rapidly approaching their 50th Anniversary.

The Challenge

BRC’s original website was very outdated and no longer fit the needs of their organization and community. They realized users found it hard to navigate through the site and find the services they were looking for. On the back end it was also difficult to edit the site due to the platform they were using which required knowledge of coding. This resulted in the website being messy and the messaging getting lost.

The Solution

Our team worked with BRC to revisit their brand and really understand what they wanted to achieve from this website redesign. We had long hour sessions that explored their vision, ideal customer personas and user journeys. User journeys are important to understand because they allow you to see flaws in the website that need improvement. Once our team understood the vision for the site our web developer, Ryan, began to create the sitemap and website wireframe, including the wireframe for the mobile version. During this process, some copy and media was updated, certain pages were restructured, and there was even a change in color scheme. Also, the site was completely transferred to Wix, a very simple to use platform that will allow other users to edit the website without the need to use coding.

  • Ideal Customer Personas 

  • User Journeys

  • Sitemap and website wireframe 

  • New messaging for website and new structure

Ideal Customer Personas

It’s vital to understand your company’s ideal customer personas so we can create a website that caters to their needs and also locates any pains they might encounter navigating the site. For BRC we created 3 different personas.

Ideal Customer
User Journey

User journeys are developed to understand the user’s experience before they land on your company’s site, during their navigation, and after they leave. Once we understand the journey we are able to pinpoint what sections need improvement and what has been working.

User journey
Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 10.31.34 PM.png
Sitemap and Website Wireframe

First, our web developer Ryan created a site map of the existing site to identify the pages that were already present. That process helped identify any broken links between pages that could affect user navigation. Then the new site map was created to reorganize the main pages. Once that was done each page was wire framed and shown to the client for approval.


BRC has celebrated their 50th Anniversary in style! Their site has a modern new face, it’s sleek and the colors have transformed the overall look. Users can now navigate the site without getting lost and can have a positive experience. The staff also have an easier time making edits and adding new content without having to worry about coding.

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