Website Redesign

We will reconstruct your outdated website into one that communicates to your ideal audience.

Our approach
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Step 1 

Let's revisit your brand strategy. We'll revamp your mission, walk through your ideal customer personas, create a marketing plan, and many more facilitated exercises. 

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Step 2

We will figure out your company's ideal customer journey and reorganize your website based on an improved blueprint for your new home. 

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Step 3

At this step we collect photos, videos, copy, brand, and embed codes.


Step 4

This is where the fun really begins. Here is when we start to design every page of your company's website.

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Step 5

Our web developer will turn the design into a functioning site on Wix. We will ensure every function, link, and button works. As well as making the site mobile-friendly.

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Step 6

Finally, we can go LIVE! But our work doesn't stop there. We will also create tutorials for you to manage your site or we can also handle the maintenance for you.

Ready to redesign?
Let's recreate your website that
communicates to your ideal audience
Website Redesign Case Studies
Rebranding Nunez Dental
Rebranding Nunez Dental

They have been improving the smiles of their community for over 25 years, but they realized it was time to upgrade their look and feel with a rebrand.