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That moment when the visuals line up with the drop

(I love making that happen)

Electric Zoo Festival 2016

Hilltop Arena (Crystal Cave)

Steve Lucin's passion for VJing

began at his first rave in 2012, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. Ever since then he's been fascinated with the power of making visuals match to the music. He soon took the Visual Performance class at Dubspot in NYC taught by VDMX's own software engineer, David Lublin, which empowered him to follow this new found dream.



Lucin has been performing visuals since 2015 and has had the pleasure to play at venues across New York City such as Verboten, Space Ibiza NY, House of Yes, Cielo, Jump Into The Light, and Electric Zoo Festival.

I animate flyers for every VJ gig

All Projects

I can...

Operate, run, and mix live visuals for various clubs, festivals, and parties throughout New York City (or the world).

Setup projectors and map visuals onto LED screens and surfaces.

Provide impactful visual performances for various genres of music including house, techno, EDM, Latin, urban, and reggaeton.

I promote my VJ gigs by animating custom flyers.

Software: VDMX, Mad Mapper, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere.

Notable Parties and Venues:
• Electric Zoo Festival 2015 (Hilltop Arena)
• Electric Zoo Festival 2016 (Hilltop Arena)
• Space Ibiza NY (I'm Shmacked, Kryder)
• Cielo (House78)
• House of Yes (Que Bajo!?)
• Verboten (Various Artists)
• Lot 45 (House78)
• The Knitting Factory (Hosue78)
• Jump Into The Light VR Playlab
• Warper Party
• Camp Springer Festival
• Bronx Museum of the Art (Evolution)
• Sony Hall (The 9AM Banger)
• Melrose Ballroom (The 9AM Banger)
• Amadeus NIghtclub (The 9AM Banger)
• Bad Bunny After Social (NYC Reggaeton)
• Various house and underground parties

Book VJ Lucin

Book Lucin to VJ

$75/hr Whaaattupp?!

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